Caregiver Documents and Resources


Caring for Teens and Independent Living

Advocacy for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Foster Care

Healthy Sexual Development and Pregnancy Prevention for Youth in Foster Care

Staying Safe While Staying Connected

Teen Sexual Assault: Information for Parents

Education and College Planning

California College Pathways: Foster Youth Educational Planning Guide

California Distance Learning Resource Guide

Cal State Educational Planning Guide

College Planning and Deadlines Overview

Considerations for California Foster Youth in Education for the 2021-2022 School Year

Current and Former Foster Youth Cal State University Admission Information

Current and Former Foster Youth Community College Enrollment Information

Current and Former Foster Youth UC Admission Information

Independent Study / Distance Learning

Let’s Talk About Math: Early Math Video Serie

Financial Empowerment Toolkit For Youth

A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Youth and Young Adults in Foster Care

Creating a Credit Profile: How To Build Your Credit

Get Tax Savvy: What You Need to Know About Taxes

Know Your Credit History: How to Interpret a Credit Report

Protect Yourself and Your Stuff: What You Need to Know About Insurance

Focus on Parenting

Getting Ready to Read: Helping Your Child Become a Confident Reader and Writer Starting from Birth

Here’s to Healthy Eating: Habits to Start and Habits to Avoid

Screen Sense Key Findings

Using Screen Media with Young Children

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

Background to ICWA

Caregivers and the Courts

Dependency and Indian Child Welfare Act resource links

Following The Spirit of the ICWA

Guide to ICWA Compliance

ICWA Juvenile Courts Recommended Legal Findings and Orders

ICWA Requirements

ICWA Social Service Departments Requirements

ICWA-Tribal Crossover

Improving the Well-being of American Indian children

Indian Child Welfare Act Final Rule - 25 CFR Part 23 Summary of Key Provisions

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) FAQ - National Indian Child Welfare Association

Informational Brochure- tribal customary adoption

Judicial Council of California Factsheet 2017

State/Tribal Education, Partnerships, and Services Providers

Tribal Court–State Court Forum Fact Sheet

Tribal-Native American Justice System

Tribal Research Update Native American Statistical Abstract: Population Characteristics

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